KARACHI - Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), President Abdullah Zaki has urged people from all walks of life to come forward and donate blood to the Indus Hospital , which is providing the best free of cost healthcare facilities to the poor and needy segment of society.“We all must support the Indus Hospital as they are playing an excellent role and come forward for this noble cause of donating blood in order to serve the humanity and share the sufferings of patients and their families in distress”, Abdullah Zaki commented after donating blood at the Indus Hospital’s Blood Donation Camp at KCCI’s Majeed Bawany Auditorium on Saturday.  With a view to encourage KCCI employees and all its members, President KCCI , instead of directing his subordinates to donate blood , came forward to become the first voluntary donor of Indus Hospital’s Blood Donation Camp at KCCI , which encouraged Managing Committee members and all employees including the female staff of the chamber to follow President KCCI’s footprints. Speaking on the occasion, Director Indus Hospital Blood Center, Dr Saba Jamal warmly welcomed KCCI’s initiative of facilitating Indus Hospital by providing space at KCCI’s Majeed Bawany Auditorium for setting up this important blood donation camp.
 “KCCI has taken the lead as the chamber is the first trade body of the country that has responded promptly towards this noble cause and set a fine example for others to emulate”, she added.
She further said that every precautionary step is taken in blood collection process by utilising the hospital’s state-of-the-art technology which meets all international standards that ensures that the blood being collected from voluntary donors safely reaches the needy patients.
Dr. Saba said that the Indus Hospital has installed state-of-the-art equipment imported from Germany and United States at the Blood Center. She said that IHBC is Pakistan’s first centralized blood center and provides international quality screened blood to partner hospitals across the city. Explaining the blood collection and screening process at IHBC, she said that blood is obtained solely from ‘Voluntary Blood Donors’, ensuring low-risk donations whereas an ‘Online Blood Ordering System’ is also available for partner hospitals where they may make requests for the required quantity of blood online. The IHBC supplies screened and tested blood directly to the partner hospitals, maintaining the cold chain which ensures that the blood reaching the patient is optimal, she added.