I retired on 12-05-2001 in Medical Category A due to Carcinoma Urinary Bladder from the AJK Forest Department. In the year 2001 the disability pension was only Rs.600/- per month and child allowance Rs.50/- per month. I stated my efforts for the increase in the year 2002. My efforts bore fruit and a notification “Islamabad 26th Aug-2004” from Federal Government of Pakistan was issued. The then Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shaukat Aziz thought that there must be millions of disabled pensioners from the year 2001 to 2004. Government of AJK endorsed it from 2005 with the plea that AJK Government is poor and cannot afford money for the disabled pensioners. The Government of AJK has revised the pays etc of the Ministers PM and others many times. To cut the story short I approached AJK Mohtasib and then Federal ombudsman to get the revision in disability pension from the year 2001. They told me that they cannot help me. Federal Ombudsman wrote a letter to Federal Secretary Finance, I approached him and worthy Federal Secretary Finance also refused.

I have sent applications to the Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan on 25-10-2014 & 25-11-214 through courier service and both my applications have been received in the PM Secretariat. Through your esteemed daily I want to bring this matter to the notice of Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan for a favourable action to help disabled pensions retired from the year 2001-


Mirpur, December 16.