As we deal with the aftermath of the dreadful Peshawar attack our hearts mourn. And as we mourn as a nation, people join us from across the world, signifying that we not only mourn as a nation rather we mourn together as humans. People from all over the world have shown solidarity, let it be by lowering the national flag to flutter at half-mast or by lighting up vigils or even with hashtags like IndiawithPakistan. Every gesture of sympathy, every candle lit, serves as hope for humanity reminding us that humanity knows no borders, that the blood that flows in us is the same, the heart that beats is the same and so the tears we shed are the same. While the circumstances under which we have united are morose, it is still comforting to see how the human in us hasn’t died or got buried under our different nationalities. Right now it’s evident that the world has its fair share of good souls, all is not lost. Not yet, the light of hope still flickers, despite the darkness.


Karachi, December 19.