Who is responsible for Peshawar carnage? People from all walks of life ask each other; in reply wise people say it is the government, rulers and security agencies. Elaborating further with arguments they say Pakistan is a safe place for terrorists from all over the world. They are well trained and having backing from locals. They select a target and attack at a time and place of their choice. Government and its agencies have completely failed to counter terrorism. Some argue that all security agencies are employed on security duty with rulers, their cronies, government officials and other installations, sit-in, religious processions. There is no one left to protect of citizens, and schools.

They are easy victims to create panic and harassment, rulers on the other hand are engaged in battle for power or they have no time to focus on issues of public importance like power and Sui gas load shedding, inflation, inflated utility bills, increased transport fares, problem of shortage of transport, deteriorating communication infrastructure. They give priority to collecting wealth through fair and unfair means. Some say that after every tragic incident the rulers hold meetings, form committees to evolve plan to control terrorism but as time passes these exercises are put on the backburner. Similarly they vow to eliminate terrorism and claim that terrorists cannot demoralize them with such cowardly acts rather these acts strengthen their resolve further to fight terrorism. But nothing changes.


Mandi Bahauddin, December 18.