There is news everyday about death of children in Thar, the count varies from 2 to 4. The numbers even went as high as 9 to 11 children. The astonishing thing is that no newspaper seems to be carrying any news about policies being implemented or actions being taken, by the government to resolve this issue. A headline recently read: “Thar famine claims 219 lives in 80 days,” the first part of which is enough to leave anyone shaken, yet no remedial steps are being taken. We have lost innocent lives in the Peshawar carnage and we continue to lose innocent lives in Thar.

I fail to understand how humanity works. Is losing 2 lives everyday not worth the attention of the policymakers? Are these deaths due to natural disaster as the CM Sindh claimed or due to negligence? Is the number of lives lost the only criterion for a tragedy? Let us not wait for drastic unfortunate events to shake us into action. Let us not lose lives which can be saved by taking some measures. Let us not forget that what is a ‘number’ to us in a newspaper is an end to dream and hope for a family. Let us not forget that every life not saved is a life taken by those who can and should do something about the situation but are not doing so. I sincerely hope the relevant authorities look into this and take appropriate measures to save the valuable lives which are still amongst us.


Karachi, December 23.