ISLAMABAD - Director General Met office Dr. Ghulam Rasool yesterday said after the October 26 massive earthquake, almost 800 aftershocks have been registered so far, adding that 150 out of these shocks were above the intensity of 4 magnitude.

Addressing a press conference along with Chairman National Disaster Managing Authority, he said that after the massive earthquake of 7.6 magnitude on October 8, 2005 almost 3500 small and big aftershocks were registered for several months. “Small tremors are good to release earth energy and save from big shocks,” Dr. Ghulam Rasool explained.

The director general said that in the last five years a rapid surge has been recorded in earthquake jolts as 543 received in 2011, 754 in 2012, 675 in 2013, 771 in 2014 and 851 in 2015.

He informed that Pakistan falls in South Asian region which has three big mountain ranges and seismic zone fault lines lie at their junction.

He said that more earthquakes were received in Koh Hindu Kash Region and 80 percent of earthquakes hit PakAfghan and AfghanistanTajikistan border regions.

He said, the Pakistan Meteorological Department has 20 stations besides 15 centers of neighboring countries to accurately calculate the intensity of earthquakes. He said that United States Geological Survey has only seven stations in this area while the Met Office gets reports from 35 station including its own and neighboring countries centres and calculate average on their readings.

Chairman National Disaster Management Authority, Major General Asghar Nawaz shared that after October 26, 2015 earthquake they called  officials of Met office, Atomic Energy Commission, NESPAC, SPARCO, Pakistan Engineering Council, Geological Survey and other related departments to analyze further situation of aftershocks.