Aitzaz Hasan. The young hero.

"My son made his mother cry, but saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children," Mujahid Ali, Aitzaz's father is quoted as saying.

Our country is blessed with brave and courageous people. There’s never been a doubt about that. But there are some stories that deserve the extended spotlight. Before I go on and tell you about Aitzaz Hasan, I have a question for you: what do you expect from a teenager, a 15 year old boy facing death?

It is unimaginable. The unspeakable horror of imagining a teenage boy, facing such a situation aside, you never go as far as thinking about that young boy going ahead, risking his life on purpose to save others. Such incidents tell you, that someone was born a hero.

Aitzaz Hasan proves that dependability is not merely by virtue of age. Everyone Pakistani, who knows the word courage, should know the name ‘Aitzaz Hasan’.

There were 2,000 students present at Aitzaz’s school that day. The morning of 6th January brought with it the horror of a suicide bomber planning to blow up the school standing at the fence.

The brave Aitzaz knowingly stopped the suicidal man, who was ready to turn the 2,000 students learning about life, lifeless. Aitzaz at such as young age knew that there is no action more sacred than saving lives. Knowing the bombers intentions, the fearless 15-year-old boy, risking his life, stopped the bomber from advancing towards the school where Aitzaz knew his friends were at.

The bomber blew himself up and the young Aitzaz lost his life but simultaneously, won at it.

"My cousin sacrificed his life saving his school and hundreds of students and school fellows," his cousin Mudassar Hassan Bangish told the BBC's Aleem Maqbool.

If only you take out Aitzaz Hasan from the scenario, you can imagine the chaos the suicide bomber could have brought with 2,000 lives at stake!

In Aitzaz Hasan’s case, saying less is more, his actions say it all. He was a hero, indeed.

Aitzaz, we remember you and your bravery.