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George Clooney has agreed to change the appearance of the surveillance cameras he installed in his Oxfordshire, England mansion after receiving complaints from his neighbours.

The Ocean’s Eleven star bought the $15 million (£10 million) property in 2014, and is set to move in with his wife Amal once renovation work has been completed. As part of the upgrades on the property, Clooney filed a request for planning permission to install eight cameras on poles around the grounds and a further 10 attached to the house itself, but locals in Sonning rejected his proposals.

He subsequently revised the plans and won his battle for the cameras in August. The equipment was installed last year (15) and members of the local parish council continued to receive complaints from residents, who objected to the colour of the white protective camera covers.

South Oxfordshire district councillor Paul Harrison says, “I went and had a look and found it was unsightly... It was quite bright, a brilliant white. I thought it was out of character and would destroy the visual aspect.” Harrison raised concerns with planning officer Emma Bowerman, who contacted the actor’s agent and Clooney subsequently agreed to change the covers to dark green to blend in with surroundings.

Harrison adds, “From our point of view it’s very good that the applicant, or the agents, have listened to the views of residents and addressed the problem.” Clooney is also having a new swimming pool, pool house, boat house and private cinema built as part of the extensive renovation work.