Syed Kashan Haider Gilani is a gold medalist of University of Agriculture Faisalabad, who was expelled for posting a status against the university on Facebook.

Kisan Mela (Farmers festival) had been organized in the premises of the university where no farmer was invited. Instead a dance concert was arranged. It was criticized by Kashan Haider a PhD student, on the social media site. The university expelled the student as soon as they came to know about the post.

While speaking to The Nation, Kashan Haider said, “Kisan Mela took place on 24 November 2015, I wrote a post on 27 November. After that I was given a letter to give an explanation, on which I gave a written apology to two different committees, Director Student Affairs and Disciplinary Advisory in the University but no one is listening to me.”

“Nor are they telling me what was wrong in the post. According to them I have brought a bad name to the teachers and the institution,” he added.

Haider continued: “I did not know that our right of freedom of speech has been taken away from us. Yesterday was my first paper, but instead of giving my exam I had to pack my bags and leave my hostel.”

When asked about his future plans he said, “I come from a very mediocre family. My father was a sepoy in the Pakistan army and he passed away few years ago. I’ve studied with scholarships all along with outstanding results. I don’t have an approach to get this issue solved by any influential person. But I will not stop asking what my fault was.”

Dr Jalal Arif, public relations officer in UAF, while speaking to The Nation said, “He has violated the disciplinary code of the university and had maligned the staff which will not be tolerated.” When asked about freedom of speech he said, “Everyone has the right to freedom of speech but nothing can be said to malign the institution or staff. Secondly the case is with the Dr Iqrar, the VC of FAU, by tomorrow the issue will be resolved. It’s not such a big issue.”