Balochistan is the largest and richest province of Pakistan. It covers geographically almost 47 percent of the country land. Balochistan has been encountered the worst province Across the country in the field of education.

According to a recent statement by CM Balochistan in a conference in Lahore that the educational Budget has been increased From 4 % to 24% and Educational Emergency has been imposed across the province Hence educational improvement has failed to see the light of day. Balochistan is the home to the lowest literacy rate across the country. According to a recent report by (ICDO) male Literacy rate is 39 % while female is 27 %. According to a another survey by (Alif Ailaan) Male literacy rate is about 37% and female is 15 % across the province. Moreover, according To (MDTF) the rural Literacy rate in Baluchistan is 35 %.

Resultantly, Baluchistan vows to have The lowest literacy rate across the country. Furthermore, according to provincial education Commissions there are just 12,500 primary, secondary, and high school in the province. It pains To say that among which more than 7000 consist of little more than a single room, with a single Teacher. Half of populations have no access to education, over 66% of province’s School-Age population, Almost 2.5 million children are school less. There are private school and Tuitions which aims to promote education of province in district like kech, Panjgur, khuzdar, Mastong and Sorab both male and female are indulged in private institution in order to Brightened their future.

The system might get worse, because of existence of hundred of ghost Schools and ghost teachers in the province. The blame can be placed on the door of federal and provincial government and the other Education Department concerned, by not lunching no serious dialogues to encounter the poor education system in the province. Federal, Provincial Government and other education department concerned must step in to find a solution to provide all The basic necessities of education in the province.


Islamabad, December 4.