The PML-N government is wasting taxpayers’ money mercilessly on ‘useless non-productive projects,’ adding to the miseries of all segment of society.

PTI Punjab Organiser Chaudhry Sarwar stated while addressing the party workers during his visit to Kasur on Tuesday. Ch Sarwar claimed that objective of the PTI politics is to get the nation united against the corrupt rulers in the country.

“The general public should ‘stand up’ against the corrupt politicians and their masters who are pushing the country deep into crises,” he underlined, adding that Pakistan needs such leaders who are capable enough to use public resources in a way to mitigate sufferings of the common man and put the country on the path to progress.

The PTI organiser alleged that the current ruling elite is comprising ‘thugs and criminals’ and they are stealing public resources. He criticised the Punjab rulers for utilising resources of the province as per their whims, adding that there is a great need for Karachi-like operation in Punjab.

Ch Sarwar criticised that wrong and imprudent policies of the government have been ‘forcing’ people to commit suicide.

“It should be the government first priority to provide justice to the common man; however, the government’s negligence and irresponsibility have been making the situation worst for the masses,” he pointed out. The ex-governor alleged that the government has deceived the farmers in the name of Kissan Package which the PTI would never tolerate.

He said that his party would struggle for the right of the common man, especially the farmers.

Later, he went to Khuddian Khas on the special invitation of former nazim Naveed Hashim where he met with 33 newly-elected chairmen and councillors from across the district. Former foreign minister Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri, spouse of Chaudhry Sarwar, Fouzia Kasuri and large number of people from all walks of life attended the ceremony.