Islamabad - The Supreme Court was moved yesterday seeking directions for enacting laws for controlling and regulating spiritual priests, Rohani Amil and magicians.

Fiaz ud Din, a citizen, has filed the petition under Article 184(3) of the constitution making federation through the Ministry of Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony through its Secretary, Islamic Ideology Council through its Chairman and National Assembly through Secretary as respondents.

He submitted that there must be some laws that could govern the business run by the spiritual priests, Rohani Amil etc and there must be limits within which they should work and should not go beyond the limits prescribed by the law. The law should also contain penal clauses for punishing persons who violate the law and do business by befooling the masses, the petitioner said.

He further submitted that on account of their illegal activities most of the illiterate persons are easily deceived by such priests and Rohani Amils with regard to religious affairs particularly of the people of Pakistan and these priests destroy everything of the innocent people snatching entire assets, their lands, houses and their properties.

The petitioner contended that the persons normally called spiritual priests, Rohani Amils although they are not but befool the masses in the name of religion and deceive them by telling stories which have no existence in reality.

He further contended that such so-called spiritual priests and Rohani Amils are running their business without any qualification. He prayed that legal requirements are needed for regulating the profession of such persons, their academic qualification and their training after appearing in the exams and after having passed the exams for starting the profession. He contend that the lawyers, doctors and civil servants pay taxes but these spiritual priests and Rohani Amils do not pay any professional taxes and income tax but carrying on their business by deceiving the people.

The petitioner prayed the court to issue directions for enacting the laws for controlling and regulating the works of the spiritual priests, Rohani Amils, magicians and palmists. He said such persons are damaging the rights of the people of the country. He further prayed if such persons found doing business crossing the limits be banned for ever.