The foreign policy of a country reflects the internal policy of a country. Pakistan, though strategically important and the first Islamic country to possess atomic power is facing numerous challenges internally as well as externally. The neighbouring countries on the eastern and western borders have colluded against Pakistan due to their nexus with US. Pakistan became a major ally of US in war against terrorism and bore great loss financially and physically but the troika of US, India and Afghanistan do not recognise the services rendered even though Operation Zarb-e-Azb has been recognised as one of the successful military operations of this world and Karachi operation is also equally important to mention in this regard. Due to the positive results of Zarb-e-Azb and Karachi operation, country is much peaceful and progressing economically. Besides this, Pakistan’s relations with north-eastern neighbour China have touched ultimate heights of economic and strategic relations. CPEC is an example in this regard. Pakistan’s relations with European Union and Islamic world have also improved.

The need of the hour is that Pakistan’s efforts in the fight against terrorism are recognised and instead of declaring Pakistan a promoter of terrorism, it should be recognised as the victim of terrorism.


Lahore, January 5.