MARDAN - Some students and parents of those students allegedly involved in Mashal Khan lynching incident have claimed that a majority of arrested students in the case were “innocent”.

They alleged that Mashal Khan remained with his friend belong to Mayar village and did not visit his house during the last three years.

They, on the condition of anonymity, said that Mashal Khan had differences with his father, Muhammad Iqbal, and he very less visited his house.

A student of Abdul Wali Khan University also alleged that Mashal had told about his difference with his father to his friends.

He further revealed that Mashal Khan remained at the guest house (Hujra) of his friends Emad Khan, a resident of Mayar, after getting admission at the university and from the last three years, he did not visit his house.

The student said that Emad’s mother washed his clothes and provided him foods during this period.

“Emad’s family also treated and served him as their family member,” the student found as stating.

He further said that Mashal also lived in the Hujra of another friend, Farhan, for sometime during that period, adding, that he even did not visit his house during the holidays.

The student further narrated that Emad provided him security on the incident day and locked him in the hostel room of Wajid and told him to do not come out from the room. Wajid had gone to the university main campus to give paper and Majid was also not present on the incident time, but he was declared accused in Mashal case,” the student said.

The student said Sani, Irfan, Nasir Afridi and some other students were also not present at the university during the incident.

He said Wajid Malang tried to protect Mashal but he also declared a speech at that occasion in the favour of Mashal.

Some parents added that a majority of Mashal Khan friends wanted to protect him but they were helpless, some parents said.

They also rejected the statement of Ajmal Mayar that Sabir Mayar and Asad Katlong one month before the incident visited his office and told him that Mashal Khan created problems in the university and we will remove him from his way. They added that later on when some students and relatives of Ajmal Mayar met him in the jail, he denied this statement. They also denied it that Mashal Khan established the protest camp against the university administration at the CNG station on university road and later on established it at college Chowk.

They added that Sabir Mayar arranged that camp.

The student added that Sabir Mayar wasn’t present during the incident and he was present at the protest camp. They added that the university administration also gave threats to Sabir Mayar for arranging the protest camp.

They added that Sabir Mayar brought it to the notice of police officials.

They appealed to Supreme Court Chief Justice to release the innocent students on bail and also conduct a judicial inquiry of the incident.