Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz addressed public rally in Sargodha. This is first public rally of Maryam Nawaz with her father. 

While addressing the gathering, she said that PML-N ended loadshedding. "Before 2013 the loadshedding was at its peak and now it has ended," she said. 

Ms. Sharif further said that huge number of people are in this rally and more are coming. "Every where we go people say to us they love Nawaz Sahrif," said Maryam.

She further said that before 2013 there was loadshedding but PML-N ended it in just four years. "Our party worked for welfare of people day and night," she asserted. 

While talking about the disqualification about her father, she said that someone has won even after being disqualified by the court while someone is ashamed even after being given clean chit by the court. 

"There is a fix match behind 'Sadaqat' of Imran Khan," she said. 

Furthermore, ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif said that this rally is a referendum against verdict of Supreme Court. 

"Come and see that people have rejected your decision against me," he said. "The five-member-bench of SC has to give answer that where Nawaz Sharif did corruption," he said. 

The ousted prime minister further said that due to verdict by top court, Pakistan's journey of progress has slowed down. 

"Inflation has increased due to this verdict," he said. "After winning elections in 2018, PML-N will bring justice to every door of the country," he said. 

While hitting PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Sharif said that even Imran accepted that he had offshore companies, the apex court rejected to accept it. 

"The 'Ladla' is being saved by the Supreme Court," he asserted.