While launching his book Neighbours in Arms’ at Hudson Centre, Larry Pressler, as usual, has expressed apprehensions about Pakistan’s ‘non-transparent’ nuclear programme. He thinks Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is up for sale to any billionaire for use against the USA. He considers Pakistan more dangerous than North Korea because of its ineffective nuclear chain of command. 

Dr. Johan Chipman, Director General of the International Institute of Nuclear Studies points out in `Nuclear Black Markets: Pakistan, A. Q. Khan and the Rise of Proliferation Networks’ that ‘Pakistan’s motivation to acquire nuclear weapons was sparked in large part by competition with India.’ The major boost to Pakistan’s weapons programme came in December 1971 after Pakistan’s traumatic defeat by India. 

Pressler wants Pakistan to be declared a rogue state. Any state not abiding by international treaties is a rogue state (Noam Chomsky’s Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World Affairs or Requiem for the American Dream). Will India hold a plebiscite in Kashmir to end rancour between two neighbours always at daggers drawn? Jus cogen of international law pacta sunt servanda, that is treaties are to be observed. Paragraph 1(I) of the Simla Agreement says, `the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations shall govern the relations between the two countries’. 


Rawalpindi, December 28.