LAHORE - PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari yesterday said that PPP was the only party that could save the country from internal and external threats.

Addressing a cake cutting ceremony at Bilawal House held to mark 90th birthday of party founder Z.A Bhutto, the young Bhutto feared that country’s future would be at stake if the PPP could not form the next government.

He was of the view that leaders of the PML-N and the PTI lacked the capability to lead the country in a situation where it was facing huge challenges.  Bilawal pleaded that world will not accept the PML-N and the PTI as future governments due to their tainted images at home and abroad.

“If the PTI formed government [after the next elections, we will hide faces from the world because we will have a Prime Minister [Imran Khan] who has been a friend of Taliban. Similarly, if the PML-N formed government, no country will talk to them for their corruption as revealed in Panama leaks”, he argued. 

“Shall we now have a Prime Minister who is a friend of Taliban? Whether a brother of Taliban will become country’s Prime Minister? Shall we have a Prime Minister who allocated Rs 300 million to religious schools?” Bilawal posed these questions before the people.

Talking about the future scenario, he said that Pakistan will have to deal with hostile countries like India and the US besides other nations of the world.

He believed that the two parties were not capable of defending Pakistan against the internal and external dangers.

He added that the PPP was the only party which could deliver in the present situation.

He asked party workers to prepare for the coming elections.

“We have to save the country by bringing the PPP into power”, he stressed. 

Bilawal also criticised Mian Nawaz Sharif who, according to him, was fighting with the institutions for personal reasons.

He termed his statements irresponsible and disappointing devoid of political sagacity.

He also paid tributes to his maternal grand-father and PPP founder Z.A Bhutto praising his vision and politics.

“Bhutto shaheed gave Constitution and right to vote to every citizen. He broke the political and economic status quo to empower the common man. Today Pakistan needs the revolutionary reforms introduced by Bhutto”, he observed. 

He said that democracy in Pakistan was fragile and his party wanted to strengthen it by empowering the people to take all decisions.

He said that police in Sindh enjoyed greater powers, and this was the reason it was exceeding its powers while dealing with the protesters.

Bilawal also saw conspiracy behind the farmers’ protests in Sindh though he did not mention who was behind it.

He also questioned why the Supreme Court had not given the kind of powers to police in other provinces as given to the Sindh police.