SC has banned milk-booster injections in the country.

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During the hearing, Chiefi Justice Nisar expressed serious concerns over steroid-mixed milk, causing diseases.

Furthermore, the CJP came down hard on Punjab Cheif Secretary Zahid Saeed over supply of high arsenic concentration water to the SC registry. He observes that what will be the fate of an ordinary man.

Meanwhile, sacred Supreme Court building gets cover from OLMT's dust. Appearantly, in a bid to appease and escape wrath of Cheif Justice of Pakistan who is in Lahore for suo motu hearings, the govt authorities have given SC building a true protocol of supreme building in the city by covering its front with a greenish curtain.

Luckily, the historic GPO building in front of the SC has also got the same cover which has never been put on any of the historic buildings that fall on the route of the train project and they are filled with dust.