Apropos “The Bermuda Triangle of Roads” (December 25, 2017) a well-written editorial on road safety which is often neglected by drivers of both public and private vehicles, cars, buses, trucks, motorbikes, and various types of automobiles, speeding recklessly on roads. There is a growing need for awareness of how drivers can drive their vehicles better by keeping in view their own safety as well as others. 

Over-speeding is more than common causing mishaps not only on highways but also on the roads in built-up areas in cities and towns. Because of reckless and speeding driving along most routes, whether from a city to another or within a city, safe and comfortable travel is only a wishful thinking to most commuters. The editorial well concluded, therefore, that road-safety should be brought to light for preventing accidents and mishaps on roads. 


Karachi, December 27.