KHAIRPUR - A three-day training workshop on National Financial Literacy Program (NFLP) was concluded at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, which was organized by the State Bank of Pakistan.

The students from Department of Business Administration and from the Department of Public Administration attended the workshop.

The two officers from State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation told the students about the basics of National Financial Literacy Program (NFLP). They said: “NFLP depends on 6 concepts those are budget, saving, utilization of money, managing debt, financial institution and consumers rights & responsibilities, NFLP tells the whole process of how can we become prosper by using our assets with pure planning,”.

Trainers told a story of a poor family who is financially illiterate, but after getting the knowledge of how to plan for earning money and utilising it properly the family becomes prosper after some time. Trainers also talked about some general issues. 

They said, that we have to be prepared to give the same session which we have learnt today to the community, who will come from village who is financially illiterate, for this sake they distributed a guideline book among us that how we have to perform in front of those audience.

The trainers said, NFLP is launched by State Bank of Pakistan, The agenda behind the NFLP is that it focuses on those people of Pakistan who are financially illiterate, who are poor, NFLP tries to change the mindset of those people in order to make them prosper, because of this program the overall condition of Pakistan can be changed.

The trainers told the students about the importance of NFLP and also told the students about the future sessions. 


SBP has selected some students as ambassador of SBP in National Financial Literacy Program, Students will work with them in future, in return the students will get attractive incentives, and at the end of this project the students will get the certificates and this program will be helpful for the future of students.