Brentwood-Jodie Marsh wants to ''bathe in bleach'' after discovering the lies told to her by her ex-boyfriend, because she feels ''dirty'' whenever she thinks about it. Jodie Marsh wants to ''bathe in bleach'' after discovering the lies told to her by her ex-boyfriend.

The 40-year-old star recently claimed she ended her relationship with Netflix film director Wayne Lennox after finding out he had fathered three children with three different women, and not two kids by two different women as she had been led to believe.

And now, she has taken to Instagram to admit she feels ''dirty'' about the lies, saying she ''feels sick'' whenever she thinks about the situation.

She wrote: ''I'm feeling better about it all, I just feel dirty and like I need to take a bath in some bleach. Can't wait for this feeling to go away. Literally feel sick whenever I think of what's happened my skin hurts from cringing but at least my skin isn't grey and wrinkly and I look and feel healthy and have a full set of teeth (or veneers Hahahaha) '' Earlier this week, Jodie slammed Wayne on social media after she discovered his apparent secret child.

She said: ''So having spoken to loads of ex girlfriends now, on email, over messenger and over the phone I have just found out that my ex had not two kids by two different women but THREE kids by THREE different women. The whole relationship he hid his third kid from me. Wtf?! My mind is blown. I may have been an easy target and I may have believed his lies for a short while but I am SO happy to have gotten out when I did. I had my eyes opened on NYE as to who he really was and I'm now finding out the extent of his lies. ''

And in a separate post, Jodie claimed she had heard from six of his ex-girlfriends who said they had been told the same story.

She added: ''Oh wow!!! The emails are pouring in thick and fast about my ex. I've had 6 ex girlfriends email me already - ALL with the same story!! And they're all lovely girls! Jesus what is it with these men?! I'm so happy I got out so quickly and spotted the signs early on. Thank God for all your support too. No one deserves this and I'm just so happy to have gotten out. I hate that these other poor girls have been through this but we all live and learn!! Onwards and upwards. 2019 is going to be GREAT!!!!!!!! It's going to be full of love, laughter, happiness and success.