SIALKOT-Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that the opposition has demonstrated its national responsibility over the issue of the bill regarding amendment in Army Act.

Talking to the newsmen, she hoped that all the political parties will vote in support of the bill. She said that all the political parties should refrain from politicizing the national institutions in the larger national interest. She said that all the institutions were the national institutions and not belonged to any single party.

Replying to a question, she said that the government will protect the Pakistan’s interest first in this prevailing situation of the Middle East after the recent air strikes by the US.

She said that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi will give briefing in the Parliament on Monday (today) about the priorities and policy of Pakistan over Middle East Issue. She said that Iran was our brother Islamic country as well. “No one should disturb peace in this region, if the peace would be disturbed then the Afghan peace process would also become badly disturbed as well,” she added.

Firdous said that Pakistan has won its generation-to-generation war against terrorism by rendering a large number of the sacrifices. She said that the armed forces of Pakistan were the pride of the nation. The defence of Pakistan was in very strong hands.She said that the whole of the Pakistani nation stands united against terrorism , insurgency and extremism and was ready to defend every inch of the Motherland while battling against terrorism shoulder to shoulder with the armed forces of Pakistan.

She said that Pakistan have rendered a large number of the sacrifices to ensure the durable peace in this region. She said that Pakistan will continue its front line pivotal role to establish durable peace.

She said that the oppressed Kashmiri people , lying landlocked in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir for the last 154 consecutive days, were still eyeing on the UNO to ensure early implementation on its resolutions regarding the plebiscite and right of self determination to the oppressed Kashmiri people. She said that the whole of the Pakistani nation stands united behind the Kashmiri people and expressed complete solidarity with them.

She said that the generation-to-generation struggle of the oppressed Kashmiri for to get freedom from Indian yoke will soon become fruitful. She said that the sun of Kashmiri freedom from Indian yoke will rise soon.

Firdous added that Indian had badly crushed all the basic, human, religious and freedom rights of the Kashmiri people. She said oppressed Kashmiri people were not alone in this very hard time. She said that Pakistan’s 220 million people were with the oppressed Kashmiri people as well.

She said that Pakistan will continue its full support to the oppressed Kashmirir for their right of plebiscite.

She said that Pakistan will take the Kashmir Issue to all the international courts besides highlighting Kashmir Issue more effectively at all the international forums including the UNI’s Security Council as well.

She said in Pakistan there was no discrimination on the basis of colour, caste or religion and all minorities love Pakistan as their rights were fully protected.All minorities were free to practice their religion, the constitution is guarantor of their rights and white colour in national flag represented them, she said adding that Islam respected all religions.

She said Kartarpur corridor was a shining example of interfaith harmony and manifestation of Pakistan being torch bearer of peace and tranquility.

She said it was unfortunate that India, created in the name of secularism was burning in flames of religious bias and hatred and all minorities were protesting.

Firdous added through National Register of Citizens (NRC) and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), discriminatory steps were being taken to deprive the minorities of Indian nationality.

She said Indian society was now in the grip of Hindutva ideology. She said India of Gandhi and Nehru was dying as minorities in “Hindutva-stan” were being tortured and victimized.