LOS ANGELES-Liam Gallagher will never quit social media. The outspoken former Oasis star has vowed to remain on Twitter because he enjoys ‘’chatting people up’’ and he doesn’t care what his critics think of him.

Asked if he ever plans to stop expressing his views on the micro-blogging site, he said: ‘’No, I like being online. ‘’I like chatting people up, and I like speaking my mind.

The 47-year-old rocker’s son Gene, 18 - whom he was with ex-wife Nicole Appleton - recently started playing drums on stage with his dad, but Liam says he won’t be passing down any advice because he thinks it will ‘’fall flat on deaf ears’’ like when he was young.

He told the Illinois Entertainer: ‘’No advice, man -- I’m not into advice.

‘’And when you’re young, you don’t take it in, do you?

‘’I’m only starting to take things in now. ‘’And when you’re in a bubble, you’re in a bubble, and you’re sort of just racing around, not taking it in.