Trees are important to maintain the ecological balance as they are the producers of food in the food chain and provide oxygen to sustain life. On the other hand, notebooks are an essential part of stationary to assist and ease the learning process. Education and environment are two major game changers for any society therefore it is nearly impossible to prefer one over the other. In a digital age where smart solutions are being introduced with every passing minute, catering to the opportunity cost of letting environment suffer to provide educational supplies or vice versa has become need of the hour. The sudden depletion in the air quality to a hazardous extent is a direct result of years and years of environmental damage being done recklessly. The negligent attitude depicted in the form of cutting of enormous amount of trees and not replacing it with better and efficient plantation plans has made us come to a point where we have to choose between our future generations or letting go off the current habits.

Smart notebooks combine two of the best twenty-first century solutions: cloud computing and recycling factor. Every year millions and millions of trees are being cut in nearly every part of the world in order to cater to needs of the people that can also be met with a few smart solutions. This would not only save the users from the hassle of restocking stationary supplies but also it would be a huge contribution in lengthening the span of the planet. Smart notebooks act as a writing pad that uses smart technology to efficiently cater to its user’s need and creates a minimal impact on the planet in return. The data gets directly uploaded in the way it’s created and at the time it’s created. In a world where the storage spaces are getting tinnier and patience to keep a track of everything is wearing thin, smart

Notebooks can definitely prove to a smart solution for many. The influx of data and the storage capacity required to cater to that makes smart notebooks a perfect product. Bookkeeping of physical records is just an added burden, clearing the clutter or arranging it is the main challenge. Cloud capacities can cater to the ever increasing need of the storage requirements that not confined to organizations anymore. Individuals create a huge amount of data on a daily basis, keeping a record of things is also essential which is why storing the data in the same form that suits ones needs is the key. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing track of the notepad that has your latest and greatest idea inside. It’s easy to lose track of a few things especially in an age where we are constantly being thrown in a pool of data that we have to sort and retain in our own way. When the data gets automatically uploaded to the cloud and can be retrieved at one’s own convenience, it transforms the whole experience of the user. The smart notebooks are not only environmentally-friendly but are also extremely user-friendly.

Even in this digital age, many people still prefer the comfort of note-taking with a traditional pen and paper. But now that we know what is the opportunity cost of the traditional methods on the environment. In order to cater to needs of a variety of audience, amalgamating the traditional feel of physical note-taking system and the convenience of digital notes is what the smart notebook does.

The QR code on each page helps with scanning and directly uploading the files to the cloud. The dotted paper allows the user to write with a standard pen filled with a thermocromatic ink which makes the factor of erasing convenient. The smart factor allows files to have the ability to turn into digital files that can be edited and manipulated digitally later on. Smart notebooks come in different sizes to cater to the needs of a variety of audience to be used in various settings.

The right environment and the right education have the ability to make or break nations. Pakistan is struggling in both areas presently, deforestation is leading to environment problems like air pollution in the form of dangerous levels of smog. It is high time every individual adopts the role of an environmental enthusiast. Little actions and contributions can turn into life-changing events. A reusable notebook is my wish product that would help mitigate the environmental footprint of all the natural resources that go into the making of paper. Living in a digital age, I plan to put the technology in use to make the solutions more effective. If we keep ignoring the repercussions of the way we are using up our resources, our future generations might have to fight to breathe on this planet. We need to become informed citizens of this planet, the onus of the current situation lies on everyone. If we don’t change now, there could be no tomorrow!