Statelessness is one of the major issues in the world. It is neither one country issue nor two rather it is a world issue. Statelessness is also the result of the global pattern to stymie terrorism. The main focus goes to Rohingya of Myanmar who have been denied legal claim to citizenship in the land on which they were born. Nevertheless, Pakistan has also made a decision in 2016 to send thousands of Afghan back to their own country. In actuality most of these Afghans are not technically stateless, since they have been granted refugee status in the country. Moreover, the world’s most talked about stateless population were the semi-nomadic Roma community of Eastern Europe.

Overall, Statelessness is one of the biggest human rights violations. In a world of shame and silence, and in the absence of a nationwide human right programs, few nation had declared the violence as a human rights violation. Otherwise, many of the International community had refused to accept the stateless. All of the countries must accept them as a human rights violation and should not be too late to accept the stateless people.