KARACHI - The elected representatives and civil society activists have proposed participatory approach in the projects for the uplift of coastal population in Sindh, as development schemes initiated without involving the local community did not leave any positive impact on the lives of local population. Talking to The Nation, they also stressed on the government authorities that it must kept in mind the need of the area before executing projects because without assessing the requirement, these projects could not be result oriented for the population. In annual budget of FY2009-10, the Sindh government has allocated Rs507 million for the uplift projects of the coastal areas, spreading from Karachi to Thatta and Badin districts to be executed through Coastal Development Authority (CDA). Out of total allocation of CDA, Rs57 million have been allocated for two ongoing schemes, 'oil palm plantation on 500 acres in the coastal belt of Thatta and 'Sindh coastal community development project. The provincial government of Sindh has also earmarked Rs450 million for two new schemes such as improvement of major fishermen settlements in rural coastal areas of Karachi, Badin and Thatta through civil society organisations and rehabilitation of disaster affectees in coastal areas. MPAs elected from coastal belt of province and representatives of civil society activists who work in coastal areas termed that these projects unlikely to produce any positive input for the local population as government authorities did not incorporated their proposals in annual budget. Talking to The Nation, Dr Sikandar Mandhro, MPA from coastal belt of Badin district, said that projects worth billions of rupees had been executed since 1997 through CDA, but no visible impact could be seen in the coastal areas. He said without keeping in mind the actual needs of the people of the area, the bureaucracy prepares the projects at provincial level, as it was evident from the speeches of the members of Sindh Assembly during budget discussion that they were not consulted in uplift projects making process. Mandhro also questioned the transparency of development funds utilised during last 11 years and demanded the monitoring and scrutiny of the money spent on development. He stressed for the performance audit of the projects, officials connect with the projects, while he also suggested social audit of the projects to assess their benefit. Meanwhile, Hussain Jarwar, programme manager of Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, which works for the betterment of fishermen, said that there were duplication in authority in coastal related issues and the people did not know whether the matter relates with federal or provincial government. He also criticised the government over lack of participation of concerned stakeholders in project making process and said schemes worth billions of rupees would not produce any result without the required homework and involvement of relevant people.