One of the prestigious clubs in the city was hardly familiar with such a bizarre happening. The club's disciplinary committee had to suspend its convener for impeding the process of enquiry into the misconduct of a group of ladies. Apart from the ex IG heading the disciplinary committee, the details of how these ladies had been flexing their muscles at the Club's gymnasium reported in these columns must have ruffled many feathers in the management committee that had failed to take action on this matter pending before it for the last many months. The unruly ladies who have been suspended from using the club were up in arms when they were formally served notices after an initial enquiry. If earlier they had been engaged in shouting at each other or bullying the attendants into playing CDs of their choice, they kicked up more fuss afterwards. The message they wanted to put across was loud and clear: Nobody can dare discipline them. Eventually it was the disciplinary committee head who had to bear the brunt. Much to his chagrin dear friends in the Management Committee couldn't save him * * * * * * * * * * * * Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz who took his last flight to London in January 2008 reportedly with bulging suitcases packed with state gifts worth millions to decorate his residence half the world away from home might well be preparing a response to the allegations of plunder. Those who know how much money he has in his wallet believe he wouldn't mind depositing Rs 25 million in the national exchequer. The gifts were grossly undervalued compared to their market price: A jewellery box presented to the PM by Prince Charles during his visit to Pakistan was officially priced at Rs 2000 (14 pound sterling at current exchange rate). * * * * * * * * * * * * If Aravind Adiga can become the pride of India by writing the Booker-winning The White Tiger, we the Lahoris have his local version. There's a gentlemen who deals in the actual white tigers. The story goes that the supplier, enjoying the patronage of a former Sher-i-Punjab, currently holding the office of honorary game warden Punjab, tried to fleece the Lahore Zoo's management by asking it to pay Rs 7.6 million for a pair of white tigresses he had bought for peanuts. It's not just the smuggling charges but the fear of losing the fortune that has turned him desperate to hush up the enquiry initiated against him.