Following the suicide bombing at Data Darbar in Lahore, the MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has addressed a public gathering in Karachi via telephone. Mr Hussains harangues and homilies are a legend in that he can go from high bombast to shrill outcry in the same tirade with matchless tonal variety. Speaking on this occasion, he has told the rulers of Pakistan that if they cannot control law and order situation, they should resign. His demand is timely but I think before this government is made to resign, its coalition partners ought to resign first. After all, they are equally responsible for misdeeds of the present government. Mr Hussains MQM should set an example showing they are not willing to sit with a government so incompetent and corrupt. A man is known by the company he keeps and, despite the thunder and lightning the MQM Chief is wont to unleash every now and then, he keeps company and, in fact, is hand in glove with the rulers. MQM is part of every government and then feigns non-complicity in its crimes, claiming they are clean and upright. Everyone knows what MQM is worth? -ABUZAR TURABI, Karachi, July 5.