KARACHI - Pakistans first mobile testing laboratory, equipped with modern testing facilities under supervision of PSQCA officers conducted a raided at Sunday Bachat Bazaar in Block-8, DHA, Khiyaban-e-Ittehad and found sub-standard food items. On arrival at the bazaar, the PSQCA team collected samples from different stalls, especially of Ghee, Oil, bottled water, Juices, Spices and carried out testes in their Mobile Testing Laboratory on the spot and unveiled the test report of collected samples in front of the media persons and general public. Masood Ahmad Khan, Director Quality Control Centre, PSQCA and Jawaid Hussain Siddiqui, Assistant Director (CA), Standards Development Centre, PSQCA informed the media about the testing report in which Mofi brand of M/s. Al-Madina Oil Mills Ltd; Karachi, failed due to absence of Vitamin Contents and increased peroxide value. The product of M/s. Shan Masalah i.e. Pickle, Chily & Curry Powder, Turmeric and Salt, the product of M/s. Naurus i.e. Vinegar, Pickle, Apple & Mango Juices and Jam Jelly, the product of M/s. Engro Foods i.e. Oolper Juice and of M/s. Benlays Black Tea were immediately confiscated total quantity of those brands from all the stalls of Bachat Bazaar. According to PSQCA statement, the security guards of DHA resisted several times and try to stop the raiding team of PSQCA and media covering personals. PSQCA informed the traders that PSQCA is fully authorized as per PSQCA Act VI of 1996, and it can raid at any place/market/bazaar without any prior notice. People hailed the working of PSQCA to raid the market and bazaars of the city to control the manufacturing of substandard products and check their quality in open market and demanded to continue this practice in larger public interest. PSQCA team informed the people that now PSQCA is going to expand its activities to control the manufacturing of sub-standard products. PSQCA team also assured the people gathered on the site that this practice will continue not only for spot checking of food items but to educate and aware the people about quality standards. It was also announced that this mobile testing laboratory will be rotated in all locations of the city and other part of country as well. The mobile Testing Lab has been setup to check at random the quality of substandard products on site such as Markets, Sunday Bazaars, and other localities where the products are sold without the quality mark of PSQCA. The use of such products is hazardous for consumers health. PSQCA take action according the laws against those products which do not meet the requirement of relevant products. This mobile testing laboratory is an established unit of Quality Control centre which is a component of Pakistan standards and quality control Authority (PSQCA). The laboratory is well equipped with all the necessary instruments required for the analysis of different compulsory products onsite, such as Edible Oil, Bottled drinking water, Juices, Spices etc. as per standard specifications, PSQCA statement said.