I am one of those who sincerely believe in the view that the graduation clause was a malafide restriction and had been inserted by Musharraf in violation of the constitution. Having said that, I think the President, being an important constitutional officeholder, had no justification for saying himself or allowing anyone else to cross all limits during an audience with him by saying that Quaid-e-Azam was not a graduate. Why should the President be so eager to defend the fake degree holders and allow his cronies to utter such nonsense? This is unacceptable behaviour from a man holding the position of President of Pakistan who is supposed to be the symbol of our federation. How could he have uttered such things, or allow others to do so. Where was the conscience of all those in his audience who sat and endured this outrage. I am also shocked at the silence and complete lack of protest by the people of Pakistan. Where is our civil society, lawyers, parliamentarians, intellectuals when this sort of insulting jibes are being made against Father of the Nation-in Presidency no less? -NASIR K KHAKAKHEL, Peshawar, July 3.