LAHORE Jamaat-ud-Dawa Ameer Hafiz Mohammad Saeed has said that America, India and Israel are trying to destabilise Pakistan. He said that external elements were fanning sectarianism in the country through 'suicidal attacks and target killings. Addressing a meeting regarding Lahore incident here on Monday, he strongly condemned the attacks on Data Darbar. Saeed said that increasing interference of the US and Isreal was dangerous for the stability of Pakistan. He urged the Ulema to play their role for uniting the nation at this time of need. He further said Islam forbids terror attacks and such violence. He said the rulers should unveil the real causes behind terrorism, adding that law-enforcement agencies of Pakistan should play their role in protecting the country and the masses. He further said the recent terror incident was the part of conspiracies against the unity of Muslims. Hafiz Abdus Salam, Hafiz Abdur Rahman Makki, Maulana Ameer Hamza, Hafiz Saif Ullah Mansoor and others were also present on the occasion.