KARACHI Dead body of a giant whale was found entangled in a fishing net here on the shore of Hawkesbay. The 20-feet-long and 300 kg dead body of whale was stuck up in the fishing net which was set up by a local fisherman on the shore of Hawkesbay, near Village Mubarik, The Nation learnt on Monday. As per details, a fisherman namely Imam Bux, a resident of Abdul Rehman Goth, Hawksbay set up a fishing net in the sea water which kept lying there for the entire Sunday night. The next morning on Monday when the fisherman pulled out the net they found the dead fish in their net, they took it to the shore. In-charge of wetland of WWF, Pakistan, Dr Babar told The Nation that the dead whale-shark was approximately 20-foot-long which had died after being entangled in the net. He said that the fish was called 'Baran in Balochi language and Andhi Magar in Sindhi language. On the other side, a local fisherman Sikand told this scribe that the dead fish did not belong whale-shark community rather it was a Whale. The news of the dead whale spread like wild fire and a number of people rushed to the spot to see the dead whale. However, none of the government official reached there to shift or dump the dead fish. The villagers said that the body was stinking and appealed for shift the fish body to some other place. In the recent past, several dead whales of different species have been found on the shores of Sindh and Balochistan. There are several species of whales and dolphins in the coastline of the country including, humpack whale, sperm whale, beaked whale, finless purpose, whale shark , spilner dolphin and similarly nearer 20 species of cetaceans. Some other kind of dead fishes including Huges cetaceans, Dottlenose dolphin, Rissos dolphin, Baleen whale and some others had also been found on the shore of Sindh and Balochistan in the past. Many species of such huge cetaceans are existed in the Arabian Sea including Balochistan and Oman.