ISLAMABAD Deadlock persists between the United Nations and the Governments of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia over materialisation of the mega $ 100 million aid package. The updates gathered from privy circles show that contrary to what Pakistan and Saudi Arabia want, efforts are underway on part of the United Nations for adjustment of the Saudi Arabias aid in this years humanitarian plan. The conflict of interests primarily contributes to the prevailing standstill between the UN and the governments of both aforementioned states. The UN urgently needs funds for the rehabilitation of South Waziristan and Malakand Divisions IDPs. Currently, this years Pakistan Humanitarian Response Plan is funded at $ 180.04 million of the required $ 537 million that makes only 34 percent of the needed funds, while the UN needs at least two-third of the $ 537 million before this years response plan meets its timeframe on August 9. The UN officials, therefore, are making efforts to convince their Saudi counterparts to release the pledged aid funds as soon as possible. The UN officials say that the international body can allocate substantial funds for Hunza affectees only if the funding situation improves up to 70-75 percent, which currently seems next to impossible. On the other hand, Pakistani Government intends to use 'under-funding as a justification to press the United Nations for subscribing to another aid package. The Government wants the inclusion of these $ 100 million in the next humanitarian appeal that would be possibly launched in August. Siding with the Government of Pakistan and ignoring the UNs principled stance on the issue, the Saudi officials have agreed to release the prescribed funds in the next humanitarian response plan. The disputed nature of the Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP) is yet another reason that explains the UNs reluctance towards launching another consolidated appeal. Reportedly, the UN would only agree to launch any further humanitarian appeal if it is outside 'realm of the CAP. The materialisation of $ 100 million Saudi aid pledge has been a lingering issue between the Saudi Government and the UN since last year. The matter went close to solution when a Saudi delegation visited Pakistan last May to finalise the release of the funds. However, a key Governments guru swung into action and after covert deliberations with Saudis, the 'guru managed to delay the release of funds till next aid package arrives. Secret deliberations between Pakistani and Saudi governments for the adjustment of the latters grant for Pakistan in the coming aid package have been underway since last month. This newspaper had unearthed the entire affair.