Every soul in the country is consumed with worry over resurgence of terrorism and every heart in mourning over the heart-rending episode of slaughter at Data Darbar Lahore. The question is how can we stop the terrorists and save the dreamland our founding fathers gave us? This is the defining moment of our history which demands a resolute response on war footings. First, the challenge of our circumstance necessitates that we all be united and integrated as one against terrorism. We will all have to go beyond verbal condemnations. Second, we as a nation must act upon the founding principles to make this country a model of social responsibility. Let us try to fight terrorism within our individual spheres through social service that helps eradicate the factors that set this menace in motion. We also need to trust the law enforcing agencies that are trying to protect us. Our cooperation with them would get results. Student communities should enlist for making a volunteer force that can work in cooperation with the law enforcing agencies to guarantee a safe future. Lest the terrorism prevail, we must hit hard at it and well before the moment when its a lost cause. This is the right time to act or the next generations would never excuse our crime of inaction. Hope should be the weapon we employ in this battle of our survival. -ABDUR REHMAN MAANI, Lahore, July 5.