ISLAMABAD After the implementation of Anti-Sexual Harassment Act and adoption of the code of conduct at the Federal level, the Implementation Watch Committee would focus the provinces and rural areas for the implementation of the law. Dr Fouzia Saeed, member of NCSW and Chairperson of IWC announced it at a press conference on Monday. Executive Director Interactive Resource Centre (IRC), Mohammad Waseem, Director Womens Organisation for Rights and Development (WORD) Aqsa Khan, member NCSW Romana Tanvir also spoke on the event. Earlier, the first meeting of the Committee held to discuss the implementation updates of the law and to assign the responsibilities to the members of the Committee. The next meeting would be held in September. The purpose of the Committee is to facilitate and monitor the implementation process of the recently passed legislation against sexual harassment. The IWC members include Government officials, representatives of media, civil society, private sector organisations and donor agencies. The chairperson of the Committee informed that about 40 Federal Ministries and departments and 300 private organisations have already complied and incorporated the code of conduct into their policies. She informed that the provinces and far-flung areas would be the focus for the Committee after the implementation in the Capital and the Ministry of Women Development has agreed to conduct awareness raising seminars in the provinces, FATA and other areas about the law and its implementation. The Chambers are beginning to send out letters to their member organisations to comply and report back to them. The members of the Committee informed that though the Defence Ministry has adopted the code of conduct and formed a three-member committee in compliance of the law but in Army they have no access yet, so they dont know about the implementation of the law in army institutions as well. After the enactment of the law the Act requires every institution, public or private, to form an inquiry committee to take complaints of sexual harassment and institute a code of conduct prescribed by the law as a part of its HR policies. They are also supposed to display the code of conduct in their offices.