LONDON (APP) - Pakistan Air Force will put on display its latest JF-17 Thunder warplanes at the world famous international air show in Farnborough from July 19 to 22, it was announced by Pakistan High Commission. The spokesperson at the High Commission said two aircraft will display their flying characteristics during the course of the biennial show where leading world defence manufacturers often unveil their latest aviation tools. PAF Chief Air Chief Marshal Rao Suleman Qamar is expected to be present on the occasion. The Pakistan Air Force officially inducted its first JF-17 squadron on February 18 this year. The aircraft has been co-produced with China and will eventually replace its present fleet of F-7, A-5 and Mirage planes. The Air Force has already announced that it has a confirmed order for 150 JF-17s which may increase to 250 aircraft. JF-17 Thunder aircraft is an advanced multi-role light combat aircraft jointly developed by Chengdu and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex under a strategic collaboration project. The aircraft is designed to be cost-effective and can meet the tactical and strategic needs of the Pakistan Air Force, and various other air forces. The production facilities have been set up for the aircraft in Pakistan. The first batch of 50 JF-17 Thunder aircraft will be equipped with the Chinese/Pakistani avionics and missiles, while the later aircraft are to be equipped with more advanced radars and missiles. Last week, latest version of three F-16s aircraft were inducted into PAF. These were of 18 Block 52 C/D ordered by PAF from the United States.