ISLAMABAD - PML-Q legislator Marvi Memon in a letter to the Prime Minister has urged the latter not to cut from the budget allocated for Azad Jammu and Kashmir as it will affect the national security and reconstruction process of the earthquake-hit areas. She has also demanded of the PM to present the performance report of ERRA as well as details of its accounts in the National Assembly. Cut in AJK budget will delay humanitarian, national security and reconstruction works. So it must be avoided and budget allocations to AJK should be restored, Marvi writes in her letter to Prime Minister after her two-day visit to AJK. She said that the role of ERRA and any organisation stemming from it including SERRA, DRU, PMU was viewed with suspicion by the people of AJK despite the efforts made by them to try and create opportunity out of adversity at time of 2005 earthquake. She maintained that to reduce the allegations of corruption, wastage and delay, it was critical that ERRA as preparation for its 5th commemoration of Earthquake should present the 5 year accounts of international funds pledged, received, allocated, spent, pending, with exact project/fixed cost status details before the National Assembly. Where there were irregularities, the PAC should step for accountability through the special committee involving the Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan National Assembly Standing Committee as well, she added. The AJK University would have to bear the brunt as a result of HEC cuts, and the students would ultimately suffer in regards of scholarships, development projects and program cut for all the campuses of the University. She further urged the Prime Minister that the special grant of Rs245m for MLAs debited to Annual Development Plan 2009-10 should be provided in addition to normal AJK ADP because PMs special grants were never deducted from existing ADP allocations. Marvi maintained that she had visited the LOC at Tatrinote, adding that the village required upgradation of roads, considering their usage for heavy traffic for LOC trade. She said that the people needed increase in trade items, and trade days. They required ease in permit procedures for crossing, Marvi conveyed to Prime Minister. The 50% salary increment for the government employees was achieved after great struggle, but it was clear from the budget cuts that AJK government would not be able to execute it. Considering AJK had not been allocated extra funds in any NFC arrangement unlike other full provinces, special budgetary allocations needed to be made for it in that case, she urged Premier Gilani.