KARACHI - Political, trade union leaders as well as the civil society members on Monday joined the protest of Gadani ship-breaking workers. The workers of the ship-breaking industry have started a campaign against their exploitation, unavailability of basic facilities and low wages. The workers started their strike from Monday and will continue till fulfilment of their demands. On the other hand, many political and trade union leaders expressed concern over the plight of Gadani ship-breaking workers who have been deprived of all the legal and human rights for years. The Baloch nationalist and labour leaders have expressed their concerns while issuing their joint statements by Habib Jalib, secretary-general of Balochistan National Party, senator Hasil Khan Bizenjo of the National Party, Yusuf Mustikhan, secretary-general of Pakistan Workers Party, Yunus Rao, General Secretary of Pakistan Labour Party, Hassan Nasir, president of Awami Party, Abdul Khaliq Junejo, chairman of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, Malil Maqbul Ahmed, General Secretary of Pakistan Telecommunication Staff Lines Union and Nasir Mansur, deputy secretary of the National Trade Union Federation. Supporting their demands, these leaders urged the government to pressurise the owners of the ship-breaking yards to accept the demands of the protesters who have been living in sub-human conditions for the last 40 years. They maintained that the oppressed workers of Gadani have been deprived of all the basic facilities including health and housing while owners of ship-breaking of yards have been minting money of billion of rupees from the business, and subjecting the workers to worst type of exploitation. It is irony that ship owners were threatening the workers with the help of police and local administration while the government kept a mum on the issue, they remarked. They urged the ship owners to realise the gravity of the situation and initiate dialogue with the representatives of the striking workers otherwise they will join the struggle of the workers. In a joint statement issued, the political and trade union leaders demanded hundred per cent increase in the salaries of workers, registration under social security scheme and EOBI, grant of security equipments and medical facilities and construction of a separate colony for the workers. These leaders also urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take sou moto notice into the grievances of the Gadani ship workers.