LAHORE-On the occasion of Black Day, PPP observed on Monday across the country to mark July 5 military take over, party leaders demanded resignation of Chief Justice Lahore High Court, Khawaja Muhammad Shaif and Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah for varying reasons. The demanded came in the form of two resolutions passed at a seminar arranged by PPPs Lahore organization to mark the day. PPPs Central Secretary Information, Fauzia Wahab was the chief guest on the occasion. The resolution regarding Lahore High Court chief justice said that Khawaja Muhammad Sharif could not meet demands of justice because he had proved himself to be a loyal worker of the PML-N by his recent political statement. Calling Khawaja Sharif a political chief justice, the resolution asked him to jump into politics and only then he would know what politics was. It also called for immediate resignation of the chief justice on the said grounds. The resolution about Rana Sana Ullah said that he was the person who allowed terrorists to sit in his official car just for the sake of getting a few votes. Demanding resignation of the law minister, it alleged that incidents of terrorism increased many folds, especially in Lahore, after he established his links with the extremists. Addressing the seminar, Fauzia Wahab said that there was a misconception, first in 1977 and then in 1997 that PPP had been routed politically, but the time had proved this notion wrong as it was still a vibrant political force in 2010. She said that two military dictators tried their best to exterminate the PPP, but it showed resilience every time and emerged even more stronger. Talking about terrorism, she said that PPP was the only political force in the country that could overcome terrorism with the help of its allies. Meanwhile, addressing another seminar, PPP leaders demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muha-mmad Chaudhry to award death penalty to former President Gen. (R) Pervaiz Musha-rraf for his unconstitutional acts. They vowed that in future they would not let any dictator to de-rail democracy. Organized by Faiza Malik, acting President of PPPs Lahore women wing, it was addressed by Fauzia Wahab, Senior Minister Raja Riaz, Central Deputy Secretary Information, Haider Zaman Qureshi, Punjab Secretary Information, Dr. Fakhruddin Chaudhry and others. Speaking on the occasion, Fauzia Wahab called Gen (R) Ziaul Haq a terrorist who dethroned a democratically elected Prime Minister, Z.A Bhutto to quench his thirst for power. She alleged that Ziaul Haq sowed the seeds of extremism in the country by his wrong policies. She paid tribute to Shaheed Benazi Bhutto for successfully confronting two military dictators. Making mention of President Asif Ali Zardaris eleven years confinement, Fauzia said that he was following the foot steps of Shaheed BB. Meanwhile, Peoples Labour Federation of Pakistan staged a protest demonstration in the City where the labour leaders paid homage to Z A Bhutto for his relentless struggle for democracy and vowed to continue his mission for the welfare of labour class. Federation President Farrukh Zahoor Butt, PLB Punjabs Information Secretary Muhammad Saleem Mughal, Siddique Baig and PLB Punjab General Secretary Syed Khalid Bokhari, addressed the rally and urged the workers to stand committed to legacy of Z A Bhutto.