LAHORE - A PPP leader, who has challenged the eligibility of PML-N MNA Wasim Akhtar, spoke loudly against Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif on Monday during hearing of his petition in the court of Justice Sh Azmat Saeed. Ch Manzoor Ahmed, head of Peoples Labour Bureau, a wing of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), had filed a petition against the eligibility of Wasim Akhtar, MNA from NA-139. Petitioner Ch Manzoor had lost 2008 elections from the said constituency at the hands of Wasim Akhtar and since then he had been levelling allegations of rigging in the elections against the N-leader and thus seeking his disqualification. On Monday, as the proceedings started petitioner Ch Manzoor sought the permission of Justice Azmat Saeed to say something about his case and later came to the podium to speak out this mind. He said he had all respect for Justice Azmat Saeed as a judge but he had no hope of getting justice as long as Khawaja Muhammad Sharif is chief justice of the Lahore High court. He said CJ Khawaja Sharif was publicly making political statements against PPP leadership in his frequent meetings at the bar associations. He said the CJ unlike a judge (a chief justice) had a soft corner for PML-N and he, being part of PPP, could not get justice from the court headed by Justice Sharif. Manzoor requested Justice Azmat Saeed that his case against the PML-N MNA may be returned to the chief election commissioner so that he may transfer his case to any other province. He said he did not want his case to be heard at the Lahore High Court principle seat or its benches. He also asked the court to stop hearing of his petition as he had serious reservations against Justice Sharif and he should not peruse his case in the Lahore High Court. Meanwhile, Justice Azmat Saeed spoke very little as the judge was not expecting this from a petitioner belonging to a political party. However, about the request of petitioner to stop proceedings of his case the judge remarked under the law proceedings in the election matters could not be adjourned for more than three days. The judge asked the petitioner to file an application in the chief election commissioner requesting him to send his case to the high court of any other province. The judge observed in view of the doubts expressed by the petitioner the case should be returned to the chief election commissioner who may send it for hearing to any provincial high court. The court of Justice Azmat Saeed as well as lawyers and litigants present there felt the heat when Manzoor was uttering allegations against the chief justice in the presence of every one. People were surprised on his posture and noisiness against the chief justice that too standing in the LHC before a judge. It is pertinent to mention here that the court has been hearing his case on merit like other eligibility matters and it is proof that many PML-N parliamentarians have been disqualified by the court on petitions of PPP candidates.