LAHORE The speakers of the seminar held at the Hameed Nizami Hall on Monday suggested that the government should separate itself from the US war against terror, come out of its influence and get different religious segments of the society united in order to eliminate terrorism. They were of the view that America was not fighting the terrorism, but its target was Muslims. The speakers unanimously voiced for eliminating the root causes of terrorism and emphasised the need for dialogue with militants to end the menace of terrorism from the society. The seminar titled 'Increasing Terrorism: Why the Government failed to tackle it? was organised by the Nawa-i-Waqt Group. Differentiating terrorism from war and violence, Brig (r) Mohammad Yousaf said that terrorists always wanted to bring a change according to their will. He said that the US had declared the militants (to be) 'Jihadis when they were fighting against Soviet Union and now how they could be defined as terrorists when they were fighting against American interests. He said that the religious leadership should declare and educate the masses that the suicidal attacks are forbidden according to the teachings of Islam. Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Senior Vice-President Javed Iqbal said that dictators Ziaul Haq and Pervez Musharraf fought proxy war and the PPP-led government was doing the same. He argued that the very perception that militants were fighting for money was wrong while the suicidal attacks were to avenge the deaths of their beloved ones in drone attacks and military operations. Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (Noorani) Secretary General Qari Zawar Bahadur said that Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani had united different sects on the forum of Milli Yakjehti Council in 1997 and 2002, but some hidden hands again separated them. He said it was the basic responsibility of the government to provide security to the masses. He further said that the government had no strategy to counter the problem. He demanded of the government to wipe off the culture of weapon and force American agencies including the Blackwater to leave the country. PML-N leader Mian Margh-oob Ahamad said that terrorism was directly linked with the foreign policy. He said there was no difference between policies of Musharraf era and the present government. He added that the Punjab government had decided to establish a Punjab Security Board to tackle the problem. Answering a question, he said that the PML-N was not backing the terrorists while recent terror attacks were the failure of administration.