LAHORE Punjab Education Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman has said that the Punjab government has allocated Rs 800 million for the annual development programme of Literacy and Non-formal Basic Education Department (LNFBED). He said that by providing non-formal and technical education to the illiterate, the country could be saved from the menace of terrorism. He expressed these views while addressing a capacity-building workshop of the literacy department held with the collaboration of a Japanese development agency JICA, and LNFBED. He said that allocation of Rs 500 million for the financial year 2010 was 200 per cent more than the last years allocation of Rs 231 million. He stated that Rs 450 million had been earmarked for six on-going schemes and Rs 350 million for one new scheme as a block allocation. LNFBED Secretary Punjab Dr Allah Bakhsh Malik informed that the department had started non-formal education programme and now it could be hoped that the target of literacy campaign could be achieved. He said that for the first time EDOs (Literacy) had been sent to Bangladesh and Thailand to study the literacy programme of these countries. Project advisor of JICA Ms Chi Ho Ohashi also spoke on the occasion. get Ulemas demands regarding Darbar attacks: Shujaat Ch Shujaat Hussain said that government should get the inputs of Ulema from all schools of thoughts regarding the Data Darbar incident and implement their demands immediately. In a press statement issued on Monday, he said that langarkhana at Data Darbar, which was a source of feeding to thousands of poor had become non-functional for the first time in the history due to the inefficient policies of the provincial government. He said that claimants of sasti roti had deprived the poor of free food of Data Darbar langarkhana that never became in-operational even in the periods of the British, Sikhs and Hindus. Ch Shujaat said that Hazrat Data Gunj Buksh came to the Sub-Continent with the message of peace and it was his message, which enable the people of this region to understand the meaning of Islam in its true spirit.