LAHORE PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has asked the government to ensure safety and peace on the premises of shrines, pleading for tracing out without any delay the culprits of Data Darbar attacks and repairing the damage to the shrine. Nawaz Monday visited the Data Darbar complex and offered 'nawaful at the shrine besides praying for peace and stability in the country and solidifying bonds of brotherhood and harmony among the people of all sects and classes to thwart the evil designs of terrorists and enemies of Pakistan. Nawaz also inspected various affected parts of the Darbar and sought information from the Darbar administration about Thursdays suicide bomb blasts and the damage caused by them. Talking on the occasion, Nawaz underscored the need for ensuring the sanctity and reverence of the shrine at all costs, and all possible measures must be taken in this regard. According to him, those who are hell-bent on killing the innocent people merit no concession and should be awarded due punishment. These people are destroying peace and killing the innocent people, which is not acceptable to anyone. He said the sanctity of Data Darbar is dear to all of us and those are highly condemnable who violated this sanctity and killed the unarmed and peaceful people around. The people at the Data Darbar told Nawaz that his visit has boosted their morale and provided them an opportunity to renew commitment to the need for unity and making collective and concerted efforts against terrorism. They said the whole nation is one in this hour of trial.