ISLAMABAD Government needs to devise a special plan for creating and strengthening national unity and restoration of peoples confidence after the recent terrorist attacks on Data Darbar, Lahore in order to foil such brutal activities in the future. These views were expressed on Monday by speakers during a discussion on National unity is essential to defeat terrorists organised by Individualland Pakistan a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). Executive Director Individualland presided over the discussion while Amjad Rashed, Director Taraqee Foundation, Usman Ali, Director Peace and Development Foundation Pakistan, Kamal-ud-Din Ahmed, Board Member Helping Hands Foundation, Ahmad Mukhtar, Zeeshan Khan and people from different walks of life attended the discussion. Participants at the occasion opined that the government, influential people of different areas and the religious scholars should play their role for ensuring the national unity and bringing country on right track. They said that our leadership in this critical time should keep focus over the national unity and rehabilitation of people. While speaking on the occasion participants said that government needs to first invest money and time over the rehabilitation of people having extremists mindset. When they change their mindset, they would succeed to unit people and put behind all differences, they further added. Participants said that people would condemn extremism and terrorism everywhere when they unite and join hands. They continued that when our leadership creates harmony, rehabilitate people and educate them from the real facts they must laud the efforts of the Pakistan Army personnel. They would also consider war against terrorism their own war, they noted. They said that people would be able to raise their voices against terrorists after national unity and would fight against those, who give bad name to our religion. They said that people could get rid of the menace of terrorism when we as a nation discourage all those elements that promote extremism and terrorism in the name of religion. During rehabilitation, they maintained that the authorities need to focus on abolishment of pro-Taliban thinking not only in general public but also in our leadership.