Mr Aitzaz Ahsan has said that the upcoming elections of the Supreme Court Bar Association will be contested on the 'hatred factor which persists between two groups of lawyers. One group, according to him, hates President Asif Ali Zardari while the other hates Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhry. That is why, he says, he has not decided yet whom should he support. It seems leaders of the lawyers movement have all gotten tired, trapped, de-tracked or are under attack by the policy wonks. They had always preached that democracy must have the opportunity to persist but my question to them all is how much should the common poor man of this country have to wait for that promised sigh of relief? Why is this man still deprived of the bread and butter they had been promising in their campaign for restoration of judiciary? Why is he still not within sight of that first opportunity that would take him to a better life? What has this democracy given to him? Democracy and judiciary are mere words these leaders had been mouthing. Can these wise men tell us the difference democracy has made and the dictatorial rule didnt except that one is in civilian outfit and the other was in khaki uniform? People of Pakistan are in a dreadful bind. They had anticipated accountability of corrupt people but tepid dispensation of justice in Supreme Court of Pakistan and timid performance of NAB and Ministry of Law have put paid to all those hopes. -MUHAMMAD WASEEM ELAHI, Islamabad, July 1.