ISLAMABAD (APP) - The people, already groaning under double-digit inflation, are likely to experience yet another increase in prices of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) which is mostly consumed at far-flung areas. The unjustified increase by producers in LPG prices would push retail price, if concerned authority like the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) did not intervene, Chairman All Pakistan LPG Distributors Association Muhammad Irfan Kokhar observed while taking to APP. He said the LPG prices were increased in quick succession and there has been, recently, an increase of Rs.40-45 and Rs.190 in the price of domestic and commercial cylinders respectively. He said LPG producer-Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited (JJVL) increased price by Rs 6 per kg and Rs 69 per domestic cylinder and 265 per commercial cylinder and Rs 5874 per metric ton. He said that gas price was increasing every second day and the new prices for month of July the JJVL increased prices from Rs 46,498 per metric ton to Rs 52,372 while Pak Arab Refinery Ltd (PARCO) had maintained prices at Rs 56,259 and Oil and Gas Development Company Limited(OGDCL) at 49,683 per metric ton. He said with these dishonest practices, the gas mafia earned about Rs 150 million, but the OGRA was still unmoved. These elements are after undermining the governments popular steps for peoples welfare, therefore we appeal to OGRA to intervene and fix irregularities in the LPG market, the chairman said. Expressing outrage at increase in prices of gas at the production stage, despite a decline in international market, he said it was unjustified step on the part of LPG producers who were hell-bent on minting money by hooke or by crooke. It is an outrage that during the last three months prices of LPG is slumping at international market, recently from $660 per metric ton to $622, but unscrupulous market forces are engaged hand and glove with certain officials to mint money by hiking LPG prices, unreasonably, the chairman said. He underlined the need for taking action against certain forces manipulating LPG market to their favour at cost of the poor. Such decisions have deep impact on end-consumers, thus the government needs to evolve an effective strategy while taking all stakeholders on board to arrest the malicious trend of pushing prices of gas in future, he said. According to other sources 95 per cent of LPG was produced locally, but it was going to be costlier by each passing day, leaving several questions to be answered. Mostly this gas(LPG) is used by people of remote areas, but it never occurs in the minds of those at the helm of affairs to arrest the rising trend in prices of this gas, their cold behavior can erode popularity of the PPP-led government, the source observed.