At Wimbledon this year top players such as Azarenka, Tsonga, Sharapova, Stepanek, Cilic, Isner, amongst others, have withdrawn due to injuries suffered on account of slipping and falling on the ‘hallowed’ grass courts of SW19. Mind you these are elite sportspersons with superb mobility, balance and reflexes, yet they have been literally tumbling all over the place and putting their tennis careers at severe risk. Who knows how much the year’s remaining an ATP and WTA circuit may have already been affected, as these top men and women players struggle to recover from their leg injuries? But these are ‘The Championships’ and as Wodehouse would have said, ‘the birds are singing and all’s well on earth.’ If it had been Pakistan I wonder what ITF’s reaction would have been? Anybody care to guess?


Doha, June 27.