Almost all Pakistani news channels have reported that a massive search operation was carried out on June 29, in Karachi Central Jail, where reportedly only rangers took part in the search, while the local police was not only excluded from this operation but was actually kept in the dark. Also, that the jail authorities were kept away from the prisoner’s barracks while the search was going on, during this operation several mobiles, lap-top computers, drugs and even arms were recovered from the prisoners.

It seems very obvious that our government is aware that our police is not reliable or trustworthy. The problem is that knowing this how can they not take steps to fix the root of the problem. How come in other countries you can trust the police to help and protect you while it is the opposite in Pakistan and nothing is being done about it.

This was a high risk prison where there should be extreme vigilance and then we complain about the security breaches everywhere. The criminals are roaming free and police is helping them. Now who should be held responsible and punished? Mr Qaim Ali Shah and his entire cabinet should be answerable as the country elected them to protect them.


Lahore, July 2.