Through your esteemed newspaper, I want to appeal to honorable Prime Minister and honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan that law pertaining to dishonored cheque (489-f) is being misused and there is need to amend it and make it a rational act. The fact of the matter is that a cheque can be dishonored due to many factors which may be beyond the control of the accused, such as problem with e-banking, business and its cash flow, or any other number of reasons, now the accused can be remanded by the police, which may extend up to 14 days, for investigating a dishonored cheque.

There should be laws which prohibit people from using cheques to cheat others, but now it has become a tool in the hands of people who want to take personal revenge or dishonour a competitor. This is purely a business and civil issue, it should not be treated as a police matter as it has added to the miseries of the accused, when he is put behind bars and is investigated like a common criminal. I would like to appeal that a just and fair treatment be kindly considered for such cases and matters may directly be dealt with by the courts to fulfill the requirement of law.


June 27.