Engineer B A Malik in his famous book titled ‘Save Water Save Pakistan’ has a startling report on page 110, quoting a resolution of NWFP Cabinet against Kalabagh dam and in favour of Bhasha dam which is reported below, as it appeared in the DAWN May 1, 2005 “In the case of Kalabagh project NWFP would not be eligible to get net hydel royalty profit in accordance with the Constitutional provisions because the power houses would be established at a place falling under the jurisdiction of Punjab (and) the Cabinet had resolved that Bhasha dam had more benefit than Kalabagh dam project,” added a local government minister.

In view of the above statement it is very clear why there was opposition to Kalabagh dam as early as 2005, the ruse of flooding of Nowshehra by KBD Lake, which in fact would have ended 15 miles away from Nowshehra, was used to throw dust in the public eye. Such a blatant lies from the former NWFP Cabinet has no parallel in history of our country, but what is astounding is that this wrong still persists. Our innocent and gullible people fail to take notice of the truth and how the country has been brought to the brink of destruction to please a few selfish and rich politicians. Only Allah Almighty can guide such ignorant people.


Lahore, July 1.